At a glance.

Richard Gray is a leading strategist in global direct-to-consumer marketing and business model development. An expert brand marketer across multi-channel environments, he achieves results quickly and within optimized budgets.

More than 30 years strong.

A former entrepreneur, Richard launched Gray Growth Strategies’ predecessor, Arich Consulting, in 1984, providing creative marketing solutions in environments of change and innovation. With more than a 30-year heritage in business development, strategic alliances, licensing agreements, technology, and marketing and advertising, Gray Growth Strategies identifies and capitalizes on market opportunities to improve shareholder value and optimize operational efficiencies.

Experience and expertise.

Richard is an acknowledged expert in every aspect of a company’s strategic growth:

  • Online and offline marketing
  • Channel integration and synchronization
  • Logistics
  • Product development
  • Merchandising
  • Patents and licenses

Richard understands the process of structuring a business around a product, service or concept full circle. Over the course of his career, Richard has successfully worked with a wide range of mid-size businesses, developing deep experience in a broad range of industries in most every possible trade class: manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, multi-level, retail, and D-T- C.

Richard is versed in operations, supply chain, manufacturing, administrative, and more, with a deep understanding of how to pull the end product through the marketplace. His comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of multi-channel direct response marketing includes advertising, channel optimization, database marketing, interactive advertising, and online-offline business integration. He is also a specialist in DRTV, DR radio, direct print campaigns, e-retailing, catalogs, direct mail, alternative media, and public relations.

Throughout his career, Gray has established outstanding working relationships with senior management teams in supporting, integrating, and creating new initiatives and clearer ways of looking at their businesses.  He approaches every consulting project as if directing his own business.

A few highlights:

  • Expanded and integrated the DTC division of Atkins, improving catalog, website creative, and merchandising, while sharply increasing operational efficiencies. Atkins developed over 200 new low carb products using Splenda, resulting in over $100 million in sales in five years.
  • Planned DietChef USA’s entry and pilot test, working with the UK team in all areas of purchasing, meal development, nutritionals, and graphics. DietChef sourced 24 new shelf stable meals and launched USA DTC business beta test, resulting in over $750,000 in sales over 18 months.
  • Developed, launched, and branded new division for DTC meal delivery program, generating $8 million in annual revenue, while allowing the company to go public and raise $2.5 million in venture capital.

  • Collaborated with founder on menu development, nutritionals, and product presentation, to grow start-up company to $14.5 million in sales before buy-out of a venture capital firm.
  • Created direct mail and e-commerce campaigns to optimize marketing budget and KPI’s to manage the business in real time, resulting in $5 million to $20 million company growth in three years.
  • Expanded catalog marketing, developed Call-to- Action promotions, and introduced Live Chat customer service, all resulting in a 40% increase in catalog sales and website traffic year over year for three years.
  • Guided digital agency in development of all aspects of web site, integrating direct mail and e-retailing, resulting in sales growth from $250,000 to over $6 million in two years.