Did you know that containers and packaging make up a large percentage of municipal solid waste? In 2015, 77.9 million tons of container and packaging waste were generated and 21.4% or 29.4 million tons of this waste went to landfills.

With solid waste becoming a serious global problem, many entrepreneurs today are moving towards using eco-friendly packaging. However, looking for containers and packaging that could keep your frozen food products in great condition can be a challenge. Apart from cost, you need to consider how well the packaging will keep your products intact during transportation.

Join the cause and limit your company’s environmental footprints. Here are some eco-friendly packaging ideas for your frozen food business.

Eco-Friendly Stand-Up Pouch  

Stand-up pouches are perfect for frozen food products that need to be displayed in stores. It is also great for saving space in the freezer or refrigerator. Additionally, because this type of packaging takes up less space, it’s more affordable and a lot easier to ship. You will be saving on transportation costs as you can ship more products at a lower price.

How is a stand-up pouch eco-friendly? Many stand-up pouches today require less film to manufacture compared with traditional frozen food packaging. Some are also made of recyclable materials so when disposed of properly, they won’t need to end up in landfills.

Biodegradable Plastic  for Frozen Food Packaging

If you’re using traditional plastic for your frozen food packaging, you could easily switch to biodegradable plastic. In fact, biodegradable plastic is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic. This type of plastic decomposes when exposed to sunlight for long hours, making it safe to dispose in the trash.

Packaging Made From Corn Starch  

Did you know that cornstarch is a popular biodegradable material used for a wide range of food packaging options? It leaves no environmental footprints as it decomposes easily.

If you’re planning to change your frozen food packaging, consider looking for those made of cornstarch. You’ll also find some paper packaging with a layer of cornstarch, which protects the packaging from damp spots.

Bubble Wrap Made from Recycled Polyethylene 

For frozen products that need a bit more protection during transportation, you may consider bubble wrap made of recycled polyethylene. This could help protect your products from bumps, drops, and other incidents during shipping. Bubble wraps made with recycled polyethylene are fully degradable, so you won’t have to worry about adding to the country’s municipal solid waste.

Biodegradable Frozen Food Packaging 

Many packaging companies offer a range of environmentally friendly frozen food packaging options. These new packaging innovations are 100% biodegradable. Your customers can simply dispose of the packaging in their trash. Unlike other kinds of biodegradable packaging, this type only starts to degrade once it is in an active landfill environment. You won’t have to worry about exposing the packaging under the sun.

Recyclable Frozen Food Packaging  

Another innovation in food packaging is recyclable frozen food packaging. This option looks and performs like a traditional laminate packaging but requires a fewer number of films to manufacture. In addition, it has a #2 recyclable rating, which means it can be recycled in most municipalities in the country.

Switching to more eco-friendly packaging for your frozen food products doesn’t have to be difficult and you may attract new, sustainably minded customers as a result of your efforts.

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