Andy Jacobs sports a rich, 40-year heritage as a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive, working with over nineteen hundred B2B, B2C and non-profit entities from divisions of Fortune 500 companies to funded start-ups in most every industry possible within a broad range of trade classes.

Today, Andy runs a very different marketing consultancy called Gravitas. After working with CEOs over the years, each with their own interpretation of what marketing is, Andy devised a simple system that encapsulates everything that marketing is about called the “Five Fingers of Marketing”. Honed over years, it is as simple as it is deep. The Five Fingers are: Strategy, Brand, Message, Creative and finally Touch points, and leveraging this thinking provides the best chance for traction and success in an incredibly crowded and competitive marketplace. The mistake many companies make is to opt for Touch points first which comprises the lion’s share of the marketing budget, up to 95%. Without the first four fingers intact,this is incredibly inefficient.

To execute the Five Fingers, Andy sits at the core, providing strategy, brand development, overarching creative and quarterbacking of the program. All other executions are purchased on the client’s behalf and managed by Andy with key partners comprising every aspect of marketing: design, copy, digital, public relations, media, social, SEO, interactive, etc.all controlled by technology platforms focusing on project management, simplified accounting and collaboration. This is the new way of serving the client… and for small and midmarket companies it’s an ideal model, gaining true return on ad spend from great thinking, while eliminating agency bloat as the budget is focused 100% on deliverables, not infrastructure.

Other than a 30month detour to help a friend run a large top50 independent marketing company, sitting on the executive board, Andy has owned and operated his own firms for over 37 years, with as few as two and as many as 38 employees. His last partnership was at Linx Communications Corp., the current iteration of what was the largest ad agency on Long Island. As chief marketing strategist and new business development partner, Andy’s formula of “Strategic Creative, Creative Strategic” was adopted by Linx as the mainstay of all promotional and branding planning and execution. While at Linx for almost 20 years, Andy was primary manager of new business development, Creative Director of the firm, account supervisor to many of the firm’s clients and chief marketing strategist for these clients.

Recently, Andy’s wife Susan joined the company as a specialist in food and beverage. After several stints with various food companies Sue landed at Wild Planet Foods. While there as VPMarketing, Sue grew a $10 million regional player into a $120 million category killer selling a $5 can of tuna against $1.29 competitors with no staff and practically no budget. Wild Planet was acquired by Bolton Group of Italy.

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