If you are looking for help packing and manufacturing your products, you might be looking for someone who can walk you through this process. You might have come across a few terms including co-packer, co-man, contract manufacturer, contract packer, and others. Ultimately, these are all services that manufacture and package products, including food, for their clients.

For example, a contract manufacturer is a company that has signed a contract with your business to help you produce your company’s line of products. This is a type of outsourcing. When this process takes place in the food industry, this is called a co-packer.

There are numerous reasons why someone might hire a co-packer to help them package their food products. In the current era, co-packing has become important because it helps companies fulfill the unique needs of food packaging without having to purchase specialized equipment or hire specialists on their own. In this manner, a co-packer is a manufacturing company that can help food and beverage brands package their products for a fee.

What To Know About Finding a Co-Packer in the Food Industry

There are numerous advantages that come with hiring a co-packer. This is a cost-effective, efficient way to help businesses bring their products to market instead of having to build a separate manufacturing facility and/or purchase the equipment for it.

Businesses that are willing to do the legwork can find a way to outsource the process of food production to a manufacturer without breaking the bank.

Remember that many companies can save money if they outsource their food manufacturing operations as opposed to handling this on their own. They do not have to pay for a facility, they do not have to purchase the equipment, and they can reduce the cost of labor by avoiding training and wage expenses. Even though it is true that co-packers ask for a fee, which can be sizable, this is a way for food & beverage brands to reduce their overhead expenses.

There Are Other Benefits of Hiring a Co-Packer or Co-Manufacturer as Well

With co-packing, it’s possible for companies to access certain sets of skills that they might not otherwise have access to. Hiring a specialist or expert can be expensive, and co-packers often have access to an entire team of them. Co-packers often have connections throughout the industry as well, allowing clients to access the latest products and services at a reduced price.

Finally, it is also possible to scale up or back with ease. If a company has to scale up its operations, it might have to purchase a bunch of new equipment that it might only use for a short time. Because a co-packer has access to multiple clients, they always have equipment ready to go.

Always Sign a Contract Before Hiring a Co-Packer

Even though you might feel good about working with an experienced co-packer, it is important to have a contract in place. There is no replacement for a firm contract that will define the relationship. With a good contract in place, the co-packer and the client will be protected. A legal professional can make sure that all issues have been addressed, allowing the relationship to move forward in an amicable way.


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Find the Right Co-Packer for Your Business

These are a few of the most important points that people need to keep in mind if they are looking for a co-packer that can help bring your food products to market. As more and more food and beverage brands enter the marketplace, this is a service that is only going to grow in demand. By understanding the basics of finding a co-packer or a co-manufacturer, it is possible for all businesses to make it easier to bring a new product to market.

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